Support Hub

We’ve put together an online resource, a support hub, for Western Australians living with any of the many different types of neuromuscular conditions.

A diagnosis presents unique challenges for individuals and families, and this hub has been designed to help you achieve the best possible quality of life from the point of diagnosis and beyond.

Contained in the website is essential information that you and your family may require to understand and access government-funded support services through disability schemes and other avenues of financial assistance.

You can also find information on a wide range of areas, such as:

• Tips for travelling and booking accommodation
• How to apply for a Companion Card so that accompanying carers can attend events in the community at no extra cost
• Optimising your home for the use of someone with a neuromuscular condition
• A list of support groups and counselling services
• What disability advocacy is, and who to contact should you feel that you have been unable to access your rights
• How to manage the education of a child with a neuromuscular condition
• Opportunities for employment
• Obtaining and/or maintaining a vehicle licence
And more

 Click here to go to the Support Hub.

Please note: The focus of this resource is on providing support beyond medical assistance and therefore does not focus on providing information on therapy, medical management or research.

This resource couldn’t have been put together without the generous financial support of:

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