Support for life

Support for Life is our motto for a very good reason.

We think it epitomizes what we do: providing support to our community so that you can lead the best life possible, despite the obstacles your condition may present.

We provide this support in a number of ways, all of which you can find more about on this website, through the drop down menus of Help For You and Your Community.

In short, these include:

ADVOCACY - information, linkages, representation

EDUCATION & INFORMATION - education sessions, community group education, fact sheets and newsletters

SUPPORT HUB - a website that helps you navigate access to funding and support

SOCIAL SUPPORT PROGRAM - an extensive program consisting mostly of social activities for all the different age groups, as well as carers, nurturing connections with others in your community

EMPOWER GRANTS - funding towards life experiences and items that cannot ordinarily be fully funded by other agencies

COUNSELLING - for when you need someone to talk to

COUGHASSIST™ MACHINES - long term loans of these potentially life-saving machines

RESEARCH - to help find a cure or improved treatments of MD and neuromuscular conditions

Our Community Services Team (pictured to the right) are here to guide you through your journey and to provide the Support for Life that you need.


Perhaps you don’t have MD or a neuromuscular condition but would like to help in some way. To provide all of the support we’ve listed above we need dedicated support to make it all happen so if you can provide some assistance, be it as a volunteer, a corporate sponsor or to hold a fundraiser, please go to the GET INVOLVED menu to find out more.