Our mission

Our mission is to understand, inspire and enrich the lives of all Western Australians living with muscular dystrophy and other neuromuscular conditions.

We aim to be a leader in the support of those people and we want to be part of a national voice in achieving and maximising quality of life for the entire Australian muscular dystrophy community.

Being a member of the Muscular Dystrophy WA community means access to services and support beyond medicine – Support for Life.

We want to be the first choice of support and to deliver a service model linking our community with appropriate personalised services.

A diverse and sustainable funding base is one of our other goals so that we can also support relevant research, alongside the practical help we provide.

Like the Social Model of Disability we believe that having a disability affects every aspect of your life, not just health. It demonstrates the need for disability to be addressed on many levels: socially, economically and politically, beyond medical assistance. If our approach to addressing disability changes it can break down barriers and enable people with disabilities to participate on a level playing field with equal opportunities to schooling, access, transport and employment.