CoughAssist™ program

We provide CoughAssist™ machines to our community. Many people with muscular dystrophy are unable to cough which leads to accumulated secretions. Even a mild cold can make you prone to complications such as pneumonia and bronchitis which can require a higher level of medical assistance to overcome.

The CoughAssist™ machine assists by inducing both a slow inhale and a rapid exhale, encouraging natural coughing whilst avoiding problems associated with more invasive procedures. Since CoughAssist™ machines have been in people’s homes, we have noted a significant reduction in the incidence of hospital and ICU admissions, Emergency Department presentations, chest infections and visits to doctors.

We have 62 of these machines and have distributed them across WA, including rural areas – from Albany to Geraldton, Karratha and Derby. Along with a range of accessories available for the machines, including tubing, filters and masks, we have some portable E70 CoughAssist machines available for short term loan (for when travelling etc).

To find out more about these machines and the accessories, please contact Sarah.

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