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Firstly, membership to our Association is free!

Anyone can apply to become a member. For us, it means we can keep a database of people to keep in touch with about information such as support and also to invite along to our Annual General Meeting to vote on items of importance.

To become a member you don’t need to be a carer, family member or someone with MD or a neuromuscular condition (which we call community members) - however you do need to support the objects and purpose of the Association. You can also join if you are interested in our Association and would like to have the opportunity to be involved.

You’ll automatically be registered as a member if you access any of our services, such as access to our CoughAssist™ machine program, counselling and the Empower Fund grants.

As a member you’ll be kept up-to-date of all things happening at MDWA that are relevant to you. And of course, you can opt out of communications at any time by letting us know in writing that you’d like to do so. If you’re interested in reading the full Constitution (which includes information in clause 7 about membership) click here.

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